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Platinum automated forex signal system

platinum automated forex signal system

However, it can refer specifically to fixed-interest investments, such as bonds and gilt-edged stocks, which represent a loan to the issuer, rather than shares, which signify part ownership of a company. A house is the asset behind the mortgage that could be sold to compensate investors if repayments arent kept up). One insurer pays to place part of an insured risk or an entire book of business with one or more other insurance companies, known as the reinsurers. Deposit Another word for cash. Cash remittances Amounts paid by our operating businesses to the Group which includes dividends and interest on internal loans.

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For an insurer, it involves offsetting or counterbalancing risks across business lines, geographies, etc. Also known as stock split, capitalisation issue or bonus issue. The constituent companies, which change from time to time, represent about 15-20 of the nyse market value. This can mean investing in opposite positions in the same or equivalent stock or markets using complicated packages of futures and options. See American Depositary Share (ADS american Depositary Share (ADS evidenced by an American Depositary Receipt (ADR ADSs represent ordinary shares on deposit in the United Kingdom. Top of page Numbers.5th percentile An event that would be expected to occur once every 200 years. A fall in the price of one particular type of good is not deflation. A common use for this type of policy is the repayment of a mortgage loan. Money supply Total amount of money in circulation in an economy. Cover designed to protect or compensate a business in the event of the death or incapacity of an important employee regarded as crucial to that organisation.

Hostile bid Where one company attempts to buy the shares of another and the directors of the target do not recommend acceptance of the offer. A negotiable instrument issued by a Depositary Bank that evidences ownership of shares in a corporation organised outside of the. Top of page N Nafta North American Free Trade Agreement. The platinum automated forex signal system disadvantage is that it increases the amount of stock and can therefore dilute earnings. Investors are mostly free to buy or sell shares in the fund at any time.

The opposite of amortisation. Demutualisation The process by which a mutual organisation owned by its members, such as a building society or insurance company, converts to a public limited company owned by its shareholders. Net profit The amount left over after deducting tax, interest, depreciation, fees, minority interests and extraordinary charges from sales revenue. Transfer value The amount of money a person can move from one pension scheme to another. Compliance The requirement to operate in accordance with statutory or regulatory guidelines. Total shareholder return A measure of company performance based on the overall value to shareholders of their investment in a stock over a given period of time. Free asset ratio The assets held by a company over and above those it is required by law to maintain to meet its liabilities to policyholders. Bear An investor who expects share prices to fall or, more generally, has a pessimistic outlook about the market. Mortgage endowment An insurance contract combining savings and protection elements which is designed to repay the principal of a loan or mortgage. The SEC is also responsible for regulating the activities of securities traders. Total return Total return is the change in value of an investment over a given period, including income from dividends and interest, as well as any capital gains or losses, expressed as a percentage of the initial investment. Stock Exchange Automated"tions system (seaq) The computer trading system for UK stocks and shares, which shows prices for buying and selling shares and volumes traded.

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A accidental death benefit, an extra payment made under a life insurance policy if death is caused by an accident. Liquidation Process which brings a company's existence to an end after distributing its assets. Top of page Q qualifying holding A direct or indirect holding in an undertaking which represents 10 or more of the capital or of the voting rights or which makes it possible to exercise a significant influence over the management of that undertaking. Executive directors are usually employees responsible for managing the day-to-day business. Traditional non-profit See non-profit. Variable rate An interest rate that fluctuates or is periodically reset. Once declared, the bonus is guaranteed as part of the payout on maturity. Traditionally wealthy individuals who assumed unlimited liability for the risks they covered. Eurpoean Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (eiopa) The eiopa is an independent advisory body to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. Credit Credit is the ability (often legally captured in a contract) that allows a person or business to obtain a good or service now with a promise to pay for that good or service at a later date. Business operations can include manufacturing, IT, administration and call centres.

platinum automated forex signal system

This can free up some of the capital reserves that would otherwise be necessary to cover the insurer's individual commitments. Association of British Insurers (ABI) A major trade association for UK insurance companies, established July 1985. Stocks are traded after hours on computer systems that match buyers and sellers to carry out the deals. Property and casualty insurance Also known as non-life or general insurance. Futures markets exist for currencies, government bonds and commodities such as coffee, cocoa, copper and tin. Insurance brokers arrange cover on behalf of their clients and represent the interests of the policyholder. Mortgage life insurance A protection contract designed to pay off the outstanding amount of a mortgage or loan in the event of the death of the insured.

See also takeover bid. A liquid asset is one easily convertible into cash. The shareholder view also includes a notional reset of the transitional measure on technical provisions and pro forma adjustments to reflect known or highly likely events materially affecting the Groups solvency position post balance sheet date. There is likely to be more risk attached to such investments. Long Investors are long if they have bought stocks or shares but have not yet arranged a compensating sale.

platinum automated forex signal system

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Voluntary liquidation The winding up of a company by special resolution, not one imposed by a court. Contracted out Describes an employee or employer in the UK who chooses to make alternative pension provision in a personal or company plan rather than using the state earnings-related pension scheme (Serps). It is calculated before interest charges and tax. Base rate A basic rate of interest set by the Bank of England which determines the cost of borrowing money in the. Financial Stability Board (FSB) The FSB has been established to coordinate at the international level the work of national financial authorities and international standard setting bodies and to develop and promote the implementation of effective regulatory, supervisory and other financial sector policies. An example would be the difference between a German government bond trading at a yield of 2 and a Swedish government bond trading at a yield. It is calculated as the present value of new regular premiums plus 100 of single premiums, using assumptions consistent with those used to determine new business contribution. Personal equity plan (Pep) Method for UK individuals to invest a certain sum in stocks and shares each platinum automated forex signal system year without attracting income tax or capital gains tax. Insider dealing Illegal practice of buying or selling shares on the basis of privileged, confidential or price-sensitive information. The calculation is based on the policyholders actual contributions and the actual costs, expenses, dividends and investment returns experienced by the company or fund, rather than the assumptions used to draw up the policy. National insurance Payments made by most working people to the UK government to cover unemployment, sickness, maternity and old age pension benefits. An ADS share gives registered holders the right to receive dividends in US dollars, attend shareholders meetings and vote on important matters.

Inheritance tax A tax paid on the value of assets (such as money and property) passed from one person to another as part of their estate after death or, in certain circumstances, as gifts during their lifetime. EEV reports the value of business written based on a set of realistic assumptions, allowing for the impact of uncertainty in future investment returns, and so is designed to provide a more accurate reflection of the performance of long-term savings business. Defined contribution scheme A pension plan where the benefits depend platinum automated forex signal system on the amount and frequency of contributions paid into the scheme, the investment gain on those contributions, and annuity rates at the time of retirement. Rate of return The change in value of an investment over a period of time, taking into account income from it and any change in its market value. This can be attempted by transferring it through many bank accounts so it becomes difficult to trace, or by investing it in legitimate business activities and taking "clean" cash from the proceeds. Multinational Company with subsidiaries or operations in several different countries. Mid-price The midpoint between the buying price (also known as the bid price) and the selling price (also known as the offer price) of a unit or share. In the case of a RFF there is a lack of transferability of assets that are included in calculating the excess of assets over liabilities within the insurance or reinsurance undertaking.

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Persistency The rate at which policies are retained over time and therefore continue to contribute premium income and assets under management. Nationalised in 1946, gained operational independence in 1997. These countries form the eurozone. It is a measure of the cash available to pay dividends, reduce debt, pay exceptional charges or invest back into our business. Top of page D death in service Death of a member of a company pension scheme before their retirement date, while still employed by the company. UK dividends are usually paid twice a year: interim dividends based on half-year results and final dividends based on full-year results. Concentration risk All risk exposures with a loss potential which is large enough to threaten the solvency or the financial position of the insurance and reinsurance undertaking. It is called a debt obligation because the assets in the pool are debt obligations such as bonds and loans as well as different types of mortgages. Black Tuesday is sometimes taken as the point where the Great Depression started. Rally A sharp rise in the value of a stock market or particular share. 3bars ADX reversal usd/jpy volatility usdjpy trading strategy - 1minTF - SAR and EMA usd/jpy vectorial DAX (M5) angle DAX GER30 moving average scalping slope Wing's Resistance Breacher (DAX-30m) 30m bottom breacher breakout DAX moving average OOS stochastic top Winning when the market declines! Top of page M managed fund An investment fund in which the choice of investments is made by a fund manager, usually with the aim of producing steady growth and a good balance of security.

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In the UK it is known as the base rate. Book runner The main organiser of a new security or bond issue, usually an investment firm, bank or broker. Trust platinum automated forex signal system A legal arrangement where one or more people are appointed to look after property or investments on behalf of someone else (the beneficiary). Can include legal and other professional fees. Specifically, a decline in gross domestic product (GDP) for two or more consecutive quarters. Usually means the period starting 1 January of the current year and ending today. Yellow strip The yellow band on a stock market price display screen which displays the current prices for a security. Pension provider A financial institution (such as a bank or insurance company) authorised to provide pensions contracts. Most financial services companies have compliance teams whose role is to ensure that the company follows all the necessary rules and regulations. Bargain The stock market term for a share sale or purchase. Operating earnings per share (EPS) Operating EPS is calculated based on the Group adjusted operating profit attributable to ordinary shareholders net of tax, non-controlling interests, preference dividends, the direct capital instrument (DCI) and tier one notes divided by the.

It provides an investment return normally by being bought at a discounted price. Most analysts specialise in a single industry or business sector. It comprises 12 Federal Reserve banks under the control of the Federal Reserve Board. The opposite of passive management, where the manager aims to match the performance of a market or index by replicating the composition of that market or index in their fund. Zero dividend preference share A share that pays no, or "zero dividends.

platinum automated forex signal system

Investment platinum automated forex signal system sales These comprise of retail sales of mutual fund-type products such as unit trusts, individual savings accounts (ISAs) and open ended investment companies (oeics). The lower risk tranches (senior tranches) get smaller coupons but equally are only affected when the best quality assets in the pool start defaulting which is less likely. Usually paid monthly, annually or as a single lump sum. Invisible income Income earned abroad from business other than the selling of goods. Listed A company whose shares are accepted for trading on a stock exchange is said to be listed.

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Individual can claim it back under certain conditions. Claim Notification to an insurance company of a call by a policyholder to the benefits due under the terms of an insurance policy or scheme. Ftse 250 Measures the performance of the 250 biggest companies ranking just below the ftse 100. Wrap account An account in which a broker or fund manager executes investment decisions on behalf of a client in exchange for a single quarterly or annual fee, usually based on the total assets in the account rather than the number of transactions. PRA Rulebook The PRA Rulebook, Solvency II Firms, contains provisions made by the PRA applicable to Solvency II firms, including rules transposing the Solvency II Directive. Calculated once a day. Operating expense ratio platinum automated forex signal system The Group operating expense ratio expresses operating expenses as a percentage of operating income. Adaptive moving average vidya Volatility breakout indicator bands bollinger breakout cycle volatility Volatility Cycle bollinger standard deviation std volatility Volatility Quality zero line volatility Volatility scalper indicator scalping volatility Volatility Switch indicator mean reversion volatility Volume Accumulation Percentage Indicator volume. By the end of October 1987, the London Stock Exchange had lost over 26 of its value, and Hong Kong was down. Actuary, someone who uses applied mathematics (in particular, probability) to provide solutions to insurance-related problems.

It operates as an auction market where orders are brought to the trading floor for execution. Listed companies must report such information to the stock exchange. The term derives from the practice of the person who accepted the risk signing their name under the amount they insured (thereby entering into a contract). Typically there are two forms of mortgage: repayment (or capital and interest where the homeowner pays back both the loan and interest in stages; and interest only, where the homeowner pays just the interest until the end. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Operating expenses The day-to-day expenses involved in running the business including staff costs. A final or "terminal" bonus may be added when the policy becomes payable. Ordinary shares (or common stock) provide voting rights at company meetings and entitle the holder to a proportional share of the profits. Embedded value represents the total of the profits expected to emerge in the future and the net assets already invested in the business. Payments for the policy are called premiums. Dependant A person who depends upon another for financial support. The assets in the fund can be a mix of stocks, shares, bonds, property or other securities. New business strain The technical name given to an initial depletion of cash and/or erosion of shareholders' net assets at the moment an insurance contract is sold.

IFAs are authorised by the FCA in the. Liability insurance Insurance designed to protect the policyholder in the event of a claim by a third party alleging that negligence or inappropriate action has resulted in bodily injury or damage to property. Drawdown The withdrawal of money from an account or fund established for a specific purpose. Investment return Investment return is the expected income on existing business (other than the underwriting margin). Unit-linked A type of long-term savings plan where premiums are used to buy units in an investment fund, such as a unit trust. Capital structure The way in which a company finances itself, including issuing shares, long-term borrowings and retained earnings. This is equivalent to the companys equity, which is the amount contributed by the companys owners plus retained earnings. Not to be confused with the ifrs measure of cash flow as reported in the Annual Report and Accounts.

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See harmonised index of consumer prices. Market The place where transactions take place in a particular type of commodity, such as a stock exchange. See also buy-side analyst and sell-side analyst. Limited liability A legal arrangement where the owners of a business have limited responsibility for debts, usually restricted to the amount they have invested in shares or some other specified figure. Central banking system of the United States. The APMs should be viewed as complementary to, rather than a substitute for, the figures determined according to other regulatory measures. Initial public offering (IPO) The first time a company lists on the stock exchange, and asks investors to buy shares in it, is known as an IPO, new share issue, or flotation. National Savings A UK government initiative to issue savings and investment products through the Post Office. Also called "additional" or "terminal" bonus. Double indemnity See accidental death benefit. Bulletin board Term used to describe a place on a website where private investors post comments and ask questions. Look through The Company considers the risks, assets, liabilities of its subsidiary as if they were its own.

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Offshoring The relocation of business processes from one country to another where there are lower costs or tax savings. This will decrease linearly over the 16 years following Solvency II implementation but may be recalculated to allow for material changes to the risk profile of the relevant business, subject to agreement with the regulator. Real-time" The actual price of an investment at that moment. Offshore investments Term used for funds held outside one's own country, sometimes in "tax havens" that operate in less heavily regulated financial jurisdictions and offer tax advantages or greater privacy to the investor. See also combined operating ratio. Adopted as the main measure of domestic inflation in the UK in 2004, but known as the consumer prices index. Running a company in a way that seeks to increase the value of each shareholder's stake in the business. Like ordinary shares, preference shares represent part-ownership in a company, although preference shareholders do not enjoy voting rights at company meetings.

Capital gains tax The tax paid on any profit or gain made by selling something for more than it was bought. Followed the US stock market crash of 1929. Introduced in 1987 but no longer sold. Commercial banks use it as a reference point when calculating their own lending charges, mortgage rates and interest on savings accounts. Bottom-up investors believe that some companies will outperform their peer group regardless of industry and economic circumstances. Stock Often used as an alternative word for share, especially in the. Big Four In the UK, a name traditionally used to describe the four largest high street banks: hsbc, Lloyds, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. Short Investors are short if they have sold shares they do not possess, in the hope of buying them later at a lower price to make a profit.

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Return For savings, the difference between the original sum invested and the final value of income or capital growth, given as a percentage. The information on this site is not directed at residents in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Long Only trailing stop trend following, welles Wilder wilder, a "harami" trading strategy code for Daily EUR/USD. Wells Wilder Indicator Reactor.2 ADX ichimoku RSI sar.Wells Wilder Indicator Reactor ADX Average True Range Parabolic SAR RSI JD 52 Week HighLowBand jeffrey kennedy trend analyzer indicators elliot waves trend John Ehler's Empirical Mode Decomposition john ehlers. Preference shares or preferred stock Shares paying a fixed dividend, and which have prior claims over ordinary shares to dividends and to capital repayment if a company is wound.

Solvency II Directive Directive 2009/138/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 which was subsequently amended by Directive 2014/51/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of (the so-called Omnibus II Directive. It is called a "hostile bid" when the directors of the target do not recommend acceptance of the offer. Annual bonus See regular bonus. Holders are compensated for the added risk through higher rates of interest. To begin with, therefore, cash outflows exceed inflows, creating a strain. Actuarial techniques are used to design new insurance products and to assess the profitability of new and existing business. DAX macd volume volumes Advanced Trend Trader Alexander Elder cloud Elder Fisher ichimoku kijun tenkan trend trading usd/jpy alex AutoTradingBot index DAX dow jones index moving average trend alpha BOT only longs - DAX 15 MIN momentum An effective gold Breakout. With-profit A type of investment plan sold in the UK in which extra amounts may be added to the main benefit (known as the sum assured) to reflect profits earned during the course of the contract. To receive the dividend you must hold a share before it goes ex-dividend. Publicly"d companies are required to issue an annual report to all shareholders. Group Adjusted Operating profit It is based on expected investment returns and stated before tax and before adjusting items including impairment of goodwill and amortisation and impairment of avif, the profit or loss on disposal and remeasurement of subsidiaries, joint ventures. In 1773 members voted to change the name to the Stock Exchange, and in 1801 it became a regulated exchange.

platinum automated forex signal system

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